Emory LaVista Parent Council

Emory LaVista Parent Council meets for the purpose of strengthening the Emory LaVista school community by providing a forum for communication, and promoting educational opportunities for the families of our community.  

Serving these DeKalb County Schools:

  • Druid Hills High, Lakeside High
  • Druid Hills Middle, Henderson Middle
  • Briar Vista, Fernbank, Laurel Ridge, McLendon, Sagamore Hills, Briarlake, Evansdale, Hawthorne, Henderson Mill, Oak Grove, Pleasantdale, Avondale, Coralwood,the Museum School of Avondale Estates, the International Community Charter School, the GLOBE Academy, and the DeKalb School of the Arts.

Prior to Shamrock's first year as a middle school (1996-1997) its feeder elementary schools worked closely together to plan for and create the Shamrock PTSA. Participants agreed that the exchange process itself was very positive and formalized its continuation with the Emory LaVista Parent Council.

What is the difference between ELPC (Emory LaVista Parent Counil), Principal Advisory Councils (formerly Local School Councils) and Parent Councils United?
ELPC is made up of nominees from Principal Advisory Councils (PAC) in the Lakeside and Druid Hills Feeder schools and focus on topics that are relevant across the all the schools.
Principal Advisory Councils work at the local school level. In some cases such as Lakeside, PACs may come together to work as a Cluster Council for topics that span across their feeder schools.
PCU (Parent Councils United) includes nominees from PACs across the DCSD. This group focus on topic that affect all children and schools in the district such as Superintendent selection process, Budget transparency and alignment with DeKalb County leaders.

ELPC email list
EPLC maintains an email list to send out announcements, issue alerts and other information. To join the EPLC email list, send your full name and email to wheeleratlanta@gmail.com.

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