Meeting Minutes, April 11, 2007

Our Schools – Funding the Extras
Faye Andresen, Moderator

ELPC Minutes
April 11, 2007

Welcome & Intros – Terracer Earnest

"Our Schools – Funding the Extras" - Faye Andresen, Moderator

Parents, PTAs, and Partners play a valuable role in public education by providing extras not covered by county, state, or federal funding. What do we fundraise for? Thanks to several of you who contributed school and PTA information for this topic. Today's program will not be conclusive but rather an overview of funding the extras in the ELPC community.

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PTA Overview – Brian Barber, Oak Grove PTA President

- PTA Budgets are hard to compare because: 1) Accounting methods vary across PTAs 2) A budget presents a snapshot of one year and some PTAs support multi-year projects 3) Some PTAs pass 'other' income/expenses through their PTA account (clubs, yearbook).

- Lakeside Cluster overview: Lakeside High School fundraisers include Miss Lakeside ($7000) and Enrichment Fund ($20,000). Their PTA sponsors Senior Night Lock-in, Staff Appreciation, and Building & Grounds. At Henderson MS the top two fundraisers are magazine sales and the Enrichment Fund. Oak Grove has a $75,000 budget with income from enrichment donations ($14,500) and Sally Foster wrapping paper (18,000). Pleasantdale gave up Sally Foster and now has an American Lemonade Stand fundraiser. Gadgets, toys, jewelry, etc. are selected and ordered through a catalog; the company collates the individual orders and delivers them to the school for pick-up. A recent Arby's night raised $700. Additionally, Pleasantdale more than doubled its PTA membership this year.

- Druid Hills Cluster overview: Druid Hills HS income includes a Christmas Tree sale ($4000) and enrichment donations ($13,000.). Their PTSA funds a part-time College Counselor. Shamrock MS earns $27,000 from magazine sales and $10,000 from enrichment donations. Fernbank posts its budget online and has the highest budget at $200,000. The $200,000 figure reflects income and $56,000 in expenses. They hold a $40,000 auction and receive $25-30,000 in their Enrichment Fund. Medlock's Fall Fundraiser raised $10,000 with a company similar to the American Lemonade Stand concept. They also doubled their PTA membership (with 'new, interested leadership') and sponsored a Book Fair, Penny Drive, and Cook Book sale. McClendon has a Talent Show and sponsors a Mother's Day Cake sale (they got the idea from Laurel Ridge). Students purchase a cake to decorate for his/her mom and Publix delivers cake and decorating supplies to the school. They also worked with the American Lemonade company and received 50% of the total fundraiser proceeds. Sagamore income includes wrapping paper sales ($13,000.), enrichment donations, and Brick sales (to pave around flag pole). They support a Sock Hop and the Media Center ($5,000.). Evansdale has an Original Works fundraiser featuring individual student art which can be printed on various items (t-shirts, mugs, etc.). Briarlake sponsored an Auction for technology improvements, a Used Book Fair, Sally Foster wrapping paper sales, a Fall Festival, and an Art Auction.

Sue Briss, former DeKalb Co. PTA Area VP, reminded all that advocacy, not fundraising, is the primary goal of the PTA organization. PTAs need to advocate beyond their local units and promote legislative advocacy. Start with a Legislative Chair on your Board to keep your parent body informed and promote participation in child/education issues.

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Lakeside High School Foundation, Inc. – Margot Teed
The Foundation was started in the last two years to receive memorial donations, alumni contributions, foundation grants, etc. Parents donated legal work for the 501(c)(3) status, put a donor package together, and a website will be online soon. The Foundation is a member of the National School Foundations Association and is patterned after the Marietta School Foundation which is 13 years old and has a $2 mil endowment. The Lakeside Foundation has an 11-member Board, the majority not current Lakeside parents, with the mission to expand opportunities for students. Spending may include putting money toward an Endowment Fund, grants, scholarships, and sponsoring an Alumni Directory. Donations may be restricted (for a designated purpose or program) or unrestricted to the
General Fund. Three other DeKalb high schools have foundations: Chamblee, Peachtree, Dunwoody. Anyone interested in more information may contact the Foundation's email address -

Partners in Education in DeKalb Co. – Dale Bowen
The goals of the Partners in Education program are to enhance student achievement and teacher recognition. The program focuses on business/corporate participation and includes both formal and informal partners, site-based and system wide partners (ex. Publix). Buyouts and mergers affect partner participation. The county is always looking for new and long term Partner relationships. Parent connections and recommendations are one of the best tools to find partners. The county is also on the lookout for new ways to use partners – the more creative the better. Program participation enhances education and promotes goodwill business publicity, a win-win for all. The DeKalb County Partnership Foundation is 25 years old.

Booster Clubs – Faye Andresen
Several schools, such as Druid Hills HS, are forming an umbrella association for booster clubs. Some clubs are large with a lot of members, like Soccer and Band. Some are smaller like Baseball, which still has the expense of the field to deal with. Booster fees range from $200-500. Varsity cheerleading can be as high as $525-725. The clubs sponsor various fundraisers: citrus and cheesecake sales, banner sales, silent auction, and Birdies for Charity (DHHS Soccer).

Booster Policy - Randy Lee, Director Student Activities in Athletic Dept.
The DeKalb Co. Booster Policy is online. Requirements include: Constitution, Officers, Principal approval for fundraisers. The Superintendent may request an audit at any time. No staff member can hold office in a booster club. The Booster Policy addresses all student activities including athletics, band, chess, and academic teams. The Booster clubs provide the extras for student activities – trips, banquets, some championship tournament attendance. Increasingly, Athletic Associations are being formed to umbrella all the booster clubs in a school. The county rule is that an individual does not have to pay to play and often generous parents help out individuals/teams with financial needs.

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Q. What happens when children don't pay?
A. The county recommends being as inclusive as possible. Parents and school officials need to work together to find compromises and get all parents involved.

Q. When is a Booster Club needed? Are they required?
A. There are no specific requirements or fundraising amounts related to needing a booster club.
A booster club may not even raise money. In the absence of a booster club, a parent may donate directly to the school designating what the contribution is to be used for.

Q. Do Boosters supplement Tournament participation?
A. Yes. Gate receipts fund football activities. Parent: But an activity like Cross Country, for example, has no gate receipts for funding.

Q. Is transportation provided by the county dependent on gate receipts?
A. Not sure. Gate receipts are the major source of revenue.

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2007 - 08 ELPC Officers – Cathy Ewing presented the slate of officer nominations.
Faye Andresen Co-President
Terracer Earnest Co-President
Roxanne Brown Vice-President
Susan Heslup Corresponding Secretary
Polly Wills Recording Secretary
Karen Zeliff Community Relations
The nominations were approved and elected unanimously.

Please fill in the yellow surveys about ELPC. Your valued feedback helps us plan for next year.

School winners: Henderson MS, technology at State; Lakeside HS, Academic Bowl competition.

SPLOST III – The 427 projects will be given to the Board on Monday. A Lakeside committee will look at needs and solicit feedback. The Briarlake addition is approved.

County update – There will be a new organizational chart out in May. Deborah Loeb is retiring and Felicia Mitchell is the new Asst. to the Superintendent. David Guillory is now Ex Dir. of Transportation; Marcus Turk is CFO; and Maurice Gibson (from BellSouth HR management) has been hired as the HR Director.

September 19, 2007 – Next ELPC meeting. Location TBA.

Respectfully submitted by: Polly Wills

Addendum to ELPC minutes for April 2007
Foundation/Partners in Education
Summary of DCSS Board discussion, Called Meeting, March 16, 2007 from approved meeting minutes:

Dr Lewis introduced discussion regarding the Foundation and Partners in Education by describing his vision to create an alliance with the business community to support public education's system-wide initiatives and identify additional funding sources.

Historically, the Partners in Education Program and the Partners in Education Foundation are two separate entities. The Program began in 1980 for businesses to partner with local schools. The Foundation was created in response to a specific donation and has evolved to fund Teacher of the Year banquet, Board Scholar programs, etc. Ms Grant states that questions concerning the functions and operations of the two are a result of the blending of personnel and financial resources. The vision is to create an endowment on a scale larger than the present foundation does. The current foundation would ID corporate foundations; a transition plan would be defined, and additional administrative support committed to ensure success. Although he has first investigated corporate interest, presently having talks with corporate leaders, Dr. Lewis says no commitment has been made. He does feel his responsibilities include identifying additional sources of revenue for the system and he has had an overwhelming response from corporate leaders to support DeKalb County Schools.

After a lengthy discussion, it was moved that Dr. Lewis bring back a presentation of his vision to create a foundation and/or an endowment for the school board's consideration. With a unanimous vote, the motion passed.

For the complete minutes of the March 16th Called Meeting which includes discussion of Board Committee assignments (April vote approved the re-establishment of Board Committees), the Partners in Education Foundation discussion, and the Remediation Plan for the End-Of-Course Test Results, introduced by Ms. Talley, please e-mail Ms Gail Cleary, the board secretary.



90,000 carry-over - 36,000 In-Coming Enrichment Fund Miss Lakeside Dues Spiritwear SAT Review Supports Academic Enrichment directly funds evaluated & selected teacher & staff requests
Newsletter, Student Agendas, Building & Grounds, SAT review Senior night Lock-in Add. tables for testing, registration expenses

Henderson Middle
112,000 Incoming Enrichment Fund, Magazine sales, Book fairs ( used & Scholastic) Supports Teacher start-up, building & grounds, Cultural arts, media & instructional




Oak Grove
74,000 carry-over - In-Coming Class Funds, Family Nights, Field Day Pics Book Fair, Wrapping paper, Voluntary Donations Supports Art& Computer supplies, Literary Guild, Staff Training Principal's fund Teacher start-up fund Clinic, No TV Week Cultural Arts

$26,950 Incoming American Lemonade/IFS Fundraiser, Book Fair, Fall Festival, Monthly Arby's Night, T-Shirts Supports Agendas, Red Ribbon Week, Field Day, Programs, All A's Breakfast, Student Recognition, Career Day, Staff Appreciation, Counseling School Year 2005- -2006 - First Ever Pleasantdale Marquee - $6500.00

30,000 TO 35,000 carry-over - 12,000 IN-COMING - Enrichment Fund Tree Sales Dues Other Supports College/ Career Counseling Principal's fund Newsletter Freshman Orientation Academic Enrichment - Funds requests from Teachers & Staff

Shamrock Middle
70,000 to 80,000 carry-over - 32,000 In-Coming Book Fair Magazine Sales Enrichment Fund T-Shirts N Dek Mall Supports Teacher Stipends Honors & Awards Grounds Teacher Agendas Academic Enrichment - t-Counseling, Cultural Arts, Instruction, Media, Music

Briar Vista

Laurel Ridge

200,000 carry-over - 11,500 In-coming Auction Wrapping paper Book Fairs Group pics T-Shirt General Enrichment Academic Enrichment Recreation Enrichment Supports Arts Instruction Playground Improvement International Days Teacher stipends Jr Great Books Asst Principal for Curriculum support Yearbook Staff appreciation Academic Enrichment

45,000 carry-over 16,500 In-coming Fall Festival Fall fundraiser May Madness Penny Drive Publix partnership Cookbooks Photos T-shirts Book Fair Supports Field Day Field Trips In-school programs Garden/Earth Day Student Recognition Art Supplies Clubs School equipment Teacher Start-up Fund Music & media

10,500 carry-over - 1,000 In-coming Fall Fund Raiser Spring Fundraiser Mother's Day Cake Sales Talent Show T-shirts School Store Counseling/ Mentoring Asst Principal for instruction support Principal Fund Cultural Arts Reading Incentives, Honor Day Field Day Drug Awareness Week

75,000 In-coming Enrichment Fund Brick Sales Book Fair, Corporate donations
Pictures Wrapping Paper Spring Production T-Shirts Sock Hop Family Dinner Supports Art Media Ctr Grounds Cultural Arts Classroom support Reading & Science Principal's fund

PTA MEMBERSHIP YTD / Lst Yr / % Change
Briar Vista 165 / 142 / 16
Briarlake 429 / 370 / 16
DHHS 407 / 373 / 9
Evansdale 512 / 443 / 16
Fernbank 562 / 512 / 10
Hawthorne 402 / 396 / 14
Henderson Mid 946 / 820 / 15
Henderson Mill 224 / 264 / -15
Lakeside 1164 / 910 / 28
Laurel Ridge 196 / 202 / -3
McLendon 153 / 0
Medlock 209 / 100 / 109
Oak Grove 641 / 650 / -1
Pleasantdale 222 / 106 / 109
Sagamore 462 / 446 / 4
Shamrock 452 / 653 / -29


Druid Hills is in the process of forming/ incorporating an Athletic Association that would allow each booster club to continue as is but would coordinate some all-inclusive fund raising and then fund improvements to training facilities etc to benefit all. Soccer, Football & Baseball have combined efforts for on-line auction Association would fund $3,500 equipment and weight room improvement, would buy shared training & first aid supplies

Druid Hills Soccer Booster Club app 100 team members 4 teams Dues $200 Varsity, $100 Jr V $30,000 annual budget Girls Varsity 86% paid, boys varsity 60% paid Fund raisers Birdies For Charity --From the Bell South (now ATT) Golf Classic They do all book-keeping - you collect pledge per number of birdies- A penny per birdie could raise $18.76. 20 families raised $2800 Then there is a Golf Kitty where each charity gets 2% of all money raised Jr V does carwashes, sell ads in programs Supports Trainer supplement, Replace Soccer Goals, can buy new uniforms, New uniforms/warm-ups Buys food for teams, bus transport Working to establish annual budget

Druid Hills Baseball Booster Club app 36 members 2 teams Dues $300 w/ 50% participation $30,000 annual budget Fundraisers $1,800 from PlayIt Again Sam retailer's used sports equip sale Sale of Banners, Concession sales, On-line Auction - 9 to 10K Supports JV uniforms, Built a locker room at Shamrock, spent app $8,000 on the field, portable batting cages, Varsity Disney trip will cost buys baseballs Disney trip will cost players $550

Druid Hills Basketball Booster Club 4 teams Dues $250 17,500 Collected from all the girls, most of the boys Fundraiser Concession sales, ads in programs, T-Shirts Supports Purchase athletic gear, overnight tournament nt stay, bought recording equipment, pre-game snacks and magnetic name plates for lockers

Lakeside Baseball Booster Club app 36 members 2 teams Dues $500 100% participation 40,000 Fundraiser Party & Silent Auction brings in 13-15K, Banner Sales Supports Field improvements & maintenance - 8 to 10K Batting Facility - 50K, 3 years of fundraising Training supplies, coach stipends, meals & transport

Lakeside Band Boosters 150 4 classes 4 extracur Dues Marching Color Guard $300 64 members Jazz Band $25 24 Winter Guard 200 7 Winter Drum Line 30 12 4 classes 50 150 Orchestra & Chorus have remained separate Fundraisers Citrus Sales - 10K, Cheesecake sales,Swing Dance Supports 15K- outside instruction; sheet music, instrumant repair all day clinics, feeding students before performances Marching Band must pay for bus transport

Lakeside Soccer Boosters


LAKESIDE DUES: FRESHMAN $25 SOPHOMORE $30 JUNIOR $45 *SENIOR $105 includes year book ($65 w/o yearbook) Dues fund homecoming decorations (small amount), Some classes have social events such as pot-luck dinners. Dues are used for supplies. One class did a back to school pool party. Much of the money is used for senior activities and to subsidize the Jr-Sr Prom Senior expenses: class t-shirt, Baccalaureate expenses(location & food) Breakfast in December Outback lunch in May, Senior Night- distribution of yearbooksw/ pizza & sodas; Varsity Day in April, Graduation includes location, programs, security, flowers, diploma cover, cap & gown

DRUID HILLS DUES: FRESHMAN $25 SOPHOMORE $35 JUNIOR $85 later - $125 *SENIOR $95 later - $125 Some percentage of all class dues go fund float building at Homecoming & Stunt Night when each class produces a play for competition Juniors pay for the Prom with their dues Includes facility rental, decorations, food and beverages, invitations, favors and other expenses Senior dues are much like Lakeside - Baccalaureate and Graduation ceremonies End of year celebrations - Senior Fair (like in Grease), end -of year pool party, yearbook signing & ice cream social, catered lunch and a senior tail-gate party *Class Reunions Contrary to popular belief, money left over in the class's account
after graduation does NOT revert back to the school or any other account. It stays in the account for 10 -15 + years for class officers to use for a reunion.

-- Regards,
Emory Lavista Parent Council
Terracer Earnest, Co-President
Faye Andresen, Co-President
Roxanne Brown, Vice President
Susan Bauer, Recording Secretary
Sue Heslup, Corresponding Secretary
Leslie McBee, Community Relations