Meeting Minutes, September 19, 2007

DCSS: State of the System Update
Dr. Crawford Lewis, Superintendent

Emory LaVista Parent Council Meeting
September 19, 2007

Mr. Lewis began his speech with an update on the Sembler Project.

Sembler Project (Dr. Lewis/Ms. Pope):
1. Background information – Ms. Pope, Capital Improvements, was preparing a comprehensive land use plan for the property. DCSS was approached by three different companies interested in purchasing the land. Sembler had the highest bid, $64 million.

2. Jim Cherry Center and Open Campus will move to Mountain Industrial Center in 2009.

3. DSA will move to Avondale.

4. Kittredge will move to Nancy Creek.

5. 7/2007 DCSS sent letter of intent to Sembler.

6. Mr. Lewis said the land will not be sold to Sembler until he finds land in our area to build a new stadium.

7. Ms. Pope will be making recommendations in the next two weeks.

School Choice/School Design (Mr. Mosley):

1. June recommendations came in and final recommendations will be made to Dr. Lewis on October 1 st.

2. If approved, DCSS will report back to each Region. Sagamore is located in Region 2.

3. October 8 th meeting at Avondale to present recommendations to the public.

4. Planning teams will implement recommendations and there will be a five year phase-in.

5. 5/14/07 Redistricting Plan was approved by Board. Five schools will be closed next school year.

Vertical Alignment (Dr. Callaway):

1. Superintendents for each region have been aligned to include high schools and feeder middle schools and elementary schools.

2. There will be three regional meetings for Region 2 during the school year: November 19 th, WBBC, Room 103, 1:00 p.m.; January 22nd, Shamrock MS, 1:00 p.m.; and March 18th, Bldg. B, Room 233 A&B, 1:00 p.m.

3. Terry Segovis is our Region 2 Area Assistant Superintendent. His number is 678-676-1079.

Dr. Lewis Summary:

1. Last year a good year, 6% increase in graduation rate.

2. DCSS joined the Georgia Chamber of Commerce.

3. AYP increased 6%. Handout was available on Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT), CRCT, and AYP. Can look on website for school system’s data: 148 schools in system, 29 under AYP. Dr. Lewis promises to get all schools on AYP.

4. New Math – grades 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 8th grades have new math books. Books are now in line with Georgia Performance Standards and not QCCS. When students complete 8th grade, will be prepared for high school math.

5. Balance Score Card Tool – DCSS will be using Balance Score Card to measure performance on a monthly basis. They will measure how they are doing in all areas of the school system, i.e. transportation, food services, academic, etc. Next school year, all schools in system will use Balance Score Card and will conduct internally.

6. Transportation – 982 buses transport 75,000 to 80,000 students each day. Problems will low riders in morning vs. afternoon.

7. Media Director – Julie Raim will start on Oct. 1st . Will supervise communications and PR. PDS24 moving under communications.

8. Dunwoody High School – Board has voted and approved.

9. Cross Keys High School – Splost III dollars to improve.

10. DCSS will be meeting with Emory University in reference to programs at Druid Hills High School.

11. Mr. Lewis becoming more involved with business community to obtain their help in preparing students who are not going to college transition to the workforce. He will be meeting with top CEO’s/Presidents in October. He sees a direct connection between improving the graduation rate and working with local businesses.

12. Listen to Children – establish programs at schools so children will stay interested, graduate, and be prepared for the workforce. 80% of students going to college. The 20% not going to college need to learn skills to get a job. He feels the board’s legacy is to provide for these children.

Questions from audience:

1. Allergies – DCSS has no policy on students with allergies. Parent would like addressed. Mr. Lewis will look into.

2. Gifted children – need measurements to test. Teachers need to be certified before teaching gifted program.

3. Class size – student/teacher ratio. Classes not in compliance. Having to move teachers from under capacity schools to overcapacity schools.

4. Math – Math program changed since students in State of Georgia need to improve in math. Training needs to occur for teachers and counselors.

5. Governor Perdue – $80 million in state funding lost to DCSS in the last three to four years. Austerity cuts hurting budget.

6. Parent Advisory Council – developed to hear from parents at each school.

7. SPOLST III – currently under budget and on schedule.

8. Kittredge – 6 th graders at Chamblee Middle School.? Mr. Lewis has no answer at this time.

9. Maintenance Plan – Ms. Pope to forward to Emory LaVista council for Region 2.

10. Athletic Boosters – need clarification on what athletic department will provide vs. what parents have to provide. Mr. Mosely to provide information.

Announcements from Emory LaVista Parent Council:

1. Council started 10 years ago.

2. Dunwoody Chamblee Parent Council and Emory LaVista Parent Council joint meeting on October 3 rd, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., Kittredge Magnet School. State changes in education to be discussed. Irene Munn, Dan Weber, and Brad Bryant will be speaking.

3. Next Emory LaVista Parent Council meeting – Oct. 17 th , 7:00 – 9:00 p.m., Druid Hills High School, present “College 101” – clear, focused college planning information along with answers to your questions.

4. To receive information from council, send e-mail to