Decide Dekalb Board input

Please take a moment to individually contact your county commissioner (or all the commissioners) regarding appointments to the Decide DeKalb Board.

Commissioner Rader has been working to improve the alignment between DeKalb’s countywide development authority (DecideDeKalb), the various municipal development authorities and the public institutions that depend on the property tax base on the issue of tax abatement economic development incentives. One important strategy is to provide seats on the DecideDeKalb Board for DeKalb cities and the DeKalb County School District.

To accomplish this goal, the Decide DeKalb Board must be expanded from seven to nine seats. Then the CEO must make nominations to fill these seats. Already, Rebecca Coblentz has been nominated by the CEO to represent DeKalb cities. The ninth seat could be filled by a DCSD representative.

Supporters of DCSD should urge their County Commissioners to:

Approve the expansion of the DecideDeKalb Board from 7 to 9 members.

Approve Rebecca Coblentz’s nomination for one of the two additional seats.

Urge CEO Thurmond to nominate a DCSD representative to the second of the two new seats.

These items are on the agenda for Tuesday, Nov. 7th If they are not addressed then, they will return to the agenda two weeks later. Commissioners need to hear from constituents on this matter ASAP.

Here are the BOC email addresses:,,,,,,

Please contact them. Let me know if you have any questions!