Meeting Minutes, March 29, 2007

Nutrition & Physical Fitness--Increasing the Health Awareness of Our Children
Joan Kidd, Director of Nutrition, DCSS
Shannon Williams, Coordinator of Health & PE, DCSS


Joan Kidd reported the county serves approximately 100,000 meals daily with the primary goals of nutrition, sanitation, and safety. The Nutrition Department budget is self-supporting and includes salaries, food, cleaning and paper supplies. It is federally funded (no county funds) and federal guidelines must be followed.

Managers must use a standard book of recipes with daily nutritional analysis. Nutritional analysis and ingredient labels are required from all vendors. There are federal guidelines for fat content, levels of calcium, protein, carbohydrates, Vitamins A & D. There can be no more than 900 mg of sodium in a single lunch.
Studies show that the number of overweight children in Georgia is two times higher than the national average. Twenty percent of 4th-8th-11th graders are overweight. Child diabetes is increasing and a serious concern.

Drinks - Several varieties of milk are served: chocolate, flavored, lowfat. Flavored milk is better than no milk at all. Milk is an important source of Vitamin D. A juice beverage (half juice/half water) is also available in elementary schools which use the offer vs. serve system. Students may select which drink they want.

Pizza can be served once a week. Some of our pizzas include whole wheat crust, low-fat, low sodium cheese and fresh baked in high schools. Fresh fruits and vegetables are sold at every meal. Sub sandwiches are sold in high schools and are beginning to be on middle school menus. High schools and middle schools do offer ala carte sales to make money – cookies, doughnuts, etc. Chips are only sold in high schools.

The Nutrition Department is required to bid everything and uses many of the same vendors in grocery stores ex. Earthgrain, Sarah Lee, Tyson. Cafeteria Managers order 2-3 weeks out. Their orders must match the ingredients in the recipe book. The Department has its own trucks and delivers orders to the school.


Shannon Williams reported that the State requirement for PE in Elementary School is 60 hours/year. The requirement for Health is 30 hours/year with a certified teacher. DeKalb does both of these.

The State only requires that PE & Health be offered in Middle School. DeKalb offers one 9-week PE session and one 9-week Health session each year in each Middle School grade. The State requirement for High School is one PE class and one Personal Fitness class. Additionally, DeKalb requires 1 full Carnegie unit of PE (two classes). The second PE class can be exempted with sports, Band, ROTC activities. The state also requires fitness testing which DeKalb does.

Curriculum - The State is finally filling the position of Director of PE which will help implement and oversee programs. 14 new class offerings were added to the High School curriculum in '07 including: Adventure Ed, Health, First Aid & Safety, Track & Field, Individual and Dual Sports (golf, tennis). For variety, DeKalb alternates PE classes in Middle School throughout the year. Climbing walls are a new idea for Elementary Schools. DeKalb is going to a national standards model in Health and PE with benchmark assessments. Both classes should have an academic content.

Q. Is it a burden on PE teachers to teach Health?
A. No, most teachers are certified to teach both in Georgia. Additionally, in services are offered during the year to strengthen Health education.

Q. What does the Health and PE budget cover?
A. Professional learning only. Local schools purchase PE equipment. The county purchases textbooks though Williams prefers using information packets with current data. She thinks textbooks are outdated too quickly. The Health textbooks adoption will be in 2008-09.

Q. Could swimming be a high school PE class?
A. Yes, with a certified WSI teacher (Water Safety Instructor).

Q. Does DeKalb have a Wellness Program?
A. No, DCSS has a Wellness Policy. Some individual schools do have their own Wellness Programs.

Faye announced that the nomination and election of next years officers will be at the April meeting. The meeting was adjourned.

ANNOUNCEMENTS April 11 – Next ELPC meeting, McClendon Elementary, 8:45AM
Note: This is the 2nd Wednesday to accommodate testing.

Respectfully submitted by: Polly Wills


Emory Lavista Parent Council
Terracer Earnest, Co-President
Faye Andresen, Co-President
Roxanne Brown, Vice President
Susan Bauer, Recording Secretary
Sue Heslup, Corresponding Secretary
Leslie McBee, Community Relations